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About Jomsalva

We are a company founded in 1973 dedicated to the production of rubber.

Jomsalva is a company made up entirely of national capitals. During our long trajectory, we have supplied companies in the rubber industry with rubber compounds, special mixes, wire mixes, pressed mixes, among other, as  industrial complements; always following strict quality regulations with formulas provided by our clients or developed in our own laboratory. Our 50 employees make up a high-performance team.

Our experience has enabled us to grow and offer additional industrial procedures, improving the performance of many important national factories. Jomsalva has taken over small-scale processes which, by being outsourced, maximize the performance of high-scale production. An example of which are the rubber compounds and finished production compounds used by important auto parts companies, shoe sole companies, in bicycle tire tubes, tire retreading materials, etc.

Jomsalva’s task has expanded to the use of non-specialized products generated by the industry, which it reprocesses, homogenizes and converts into a useful semi-finished product used to make carpets, tubes, hoses, tube protectors, sole plates, etc.